Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

What You Have To Know About Solar Panel

Solar panel is a package of photovoltaic cells to generate and supply electrical for home solar power. Photovoltaic cells are semiconductors. Solar panel needs to be placed somewhere which any object will not block solar panel from the morning to the evening. Every panel is rated by DC output power which is between around 100 to 450 watts, and solar panel produces electricity which is one way, same as DC current. The efficiency determines the area which gets the same output. Photovoltaic system contains an array of solar panels, battery, inverter, and solar tracker to produce more energy. However this system is often installed in multiple ones because one single solar panel only can produce limited energy.

                Solarpanel uses sun ray to convert sunlight to electricity through photovoltaic effect. The PV cells rely on photovoltaic cells that absorb and convert it to energy at the same time. Solar panel has some mounting systems such as fixed racks, ground mounted, roof mounted, and trackers.

                Usages are not many; hold by high cost per watt than fossil fuels, also not enough socialization.

The benefits of having solar panel are that technology costs are decreasing, while fossil costs are increasing.  And for higher efficiency, use DC lamp like you use the LED one. Economic condition becomes better because of the presence of solar panel.

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  1. Solar power is non-polluting. Unlike oil, solar power usage does not emit any greenhouse gases, nor does the acquisition of it harm ecosystems through spills or dredging. This is probably one of the primary advantages of solar power.

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